ESTA launches “ULTRABloom” Foam Hand Sanitiser, that is alcohol free with natural moisturising floral botanicals

ESTA launches “ULTRABloom” Foam Hand Sanitiser, that is alcohol free with natural moisturising floral botanicals

ESTA Technology proudly launches the floral based ESTA ULTRABloom.



Made purely from botanical floral sources, with a subtly sweet fragrance, ESTA ULTRABloom is the first of its range under ESTA Technology Pte Ltd.  It is alcohol free, thus suitable for sensitive skin and is also kid friendly.  Non-alcohol sanitisers are moisturizing and good for use daily.   The alcohol in sanitisers, to some extent, takes away the natural moisture from the skin.

ULTRABloom foam hand sanitiser  kills 99.99% of microbes, including bacteria, yeast, viruses, fungi and mould. 

ESTA Technology is pleased to bring the full eco-friendly range of products from Hand Sanitisers to Disinfectants. ULTRABloom Hand Sanitiser is the first alcohol-free product from ESTA offering a variety of products dependant on what the customers like.

There are many benefits in using  non alcohol hand sanitisers . First and foremost, it is gentle on the skin. It also gives the skin more moisture than hand sanitisers with alcohol.  The non-alcohol formula balances the skin PH level and helps to rejuvenate and revitalize dry skin.  If you have sensitive and problem skin , this is an important feature to consider in your purchase of a hand sanitiser. ESTA foaming hand sanitiser has added aloe vera to  moisturise your hands, making them  soft and supple.

ESTA ULTRABloom foaming hand sanitiser can be used in the kitchen too. It is safe to be used in petrol kiosks or to be placed into the cars to be used at any time. ESTA  foam hand sanitiser has a sweet floral scent unlike those sanitisers with strong alcohol scent. Without alcohol, ESTA  foaming hand sanitiser is suitable to be used on children’s hands, toys etc.

ESTA ULTRABloom is the next generation natural antimicrobial technology developed by ESTA Technology.  Similar to the current ULTRABactech, ESTA ULTRABloom is derived purely from natural botanicals using a 100% clean label process  that is without the use of chemical solvents and additives. What differentiates ESTA ULTRABloom lies in the natural floral source from which it is extracted.

It is food-safe and can be applied in a variety of different applications, including food and biomedical applications, without worry of the adverse repercussion on human health.  The newly improved extraction process excludes the use of thermal treatment, ensuring that ESTA preserves all the core essence of the natural bioactive ingredients from the floral source. In terms of functionality, the ULTRABloom has been demonstrated (based on ASTM E2315) to be highly effective against a broad spectrum of microbes, including gram negative bacteria, gram positive bacteria as well as hardy yeast and fungi.

Features of ESTA ULTRABloom Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser :  

  • Derive from edible, floral botanical sources.
    • Improved clean-label extraction process which obliterates the use of toxic chemicals to preserve the goodness of the natural product.
    • Demonstrated efficacy against broad spectrum of microbes including bacteria, yeast and fungi.

Both ESTA’s bottle and brand customisations can be tailored for occasions , corporate gifts, to family and friends’ wedding gifts.

Felicia Gan, CEO of ESTA Technology and Ghim Li Global

Ms. Felicia Gan, CEO of ESTA Technology and Ghim Li Global comments on ESTA, “Innovation is at the heart of ESTA as we continuously research on more botanicals, flora and fauna to re-discover what nature has to offer us. Nature has its way of healing the earth and we were surprised to find such a potent plant-based anti-microbials in UltraBactech that is used in all ESTA products. ESTA is launching a new floral based product based on UltraBloom, this is a new biotechnology we have discovered using just flowers. ESTA UltraBloom is water-based, alcohol-free and gentle on the skin. Perfect for those who have sensitive skin or are looking for an alcohol free option safe for their kids and ideal for the workplace environment with a need for a non alcohol based sanitizer. The packaging of this hand sanitizer is foam based for ease of application like a soapless handwash. Great for any time use. We will be the first plant-based biotech to launch a floral based anti-microbial UltraBloom, thereby offering a variety of choices to meet our different customers’ demands. Most importantly as with all our products, ESTA UltraBloom smells delightful and refreshing, is free from toxic chemicals, sustainable and friendly to the environment. Let Nature Be Your Guard”

Dr. Lim Kaiyang, CSO of ESTA Technology says, “Having launched ESTA ULTRABactech with potent and rapid antimicrobial efficacy against a broad spectrum of microbes, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The ESTA Technology scientific team double up on their research effort to develop the next generation natural antimicrobial agent, ESTA ULTRABloom. ESTA ULTRABloom is derived purely from edible, floral botanicals. This next generation natural antimicrobial is enhanced with a powerful boost in killing bacteria, yeast and fungi effectively and rapidly. Holding true to ESTA’s principle of natural and sustainable production, the extraction of ULTRABloom is 100% clean label without use of any toxic chemical solvents and additives. Due to its natural and green origin, the ULTRABloom can be applied in different products and applications for various industries, including food and biomedical sectors, without adverse repercussion on human health. ESTA ULTRABloom is gentle on skin and is suitable for consumers of all ages and different skin sensitivity.

Dr. Lim Kaiyang, CSO of ESTA Technology

As a proof-of-concept application, the ESTA product development team has successfully incorporated the ULTRABloom Technology to develop the ESTA Foam Hand Sanitizer. The ESTA Foam Hand Sanitizer is an alcohol-free formulation, making it suitable for use by people of all ages. The ESTA product development put in special care to ensure that the ESTA Foam Hand Sanitizer formulation is also free from any artificial ingredient, giving the users a peace of mind that what they applied on their hands is natural and safe. Another unique feature of the ESTA Foam Hand Sanitizer is its foaming property, which functions to enhance the cleaning effect of the sanitizer, effectively cleaning your hands of both microbes and dirt.”

ESTA Technology business journey is into Personal Protection Equipment and Products and have achieved this with ESTA Hand Sanitiser, Air & Surface Disinfectant and Sanitisers, Foaming Hand Soap, Ultra Masks, Textiles and more.

The Biomedical expertise is reflected in ESTA’s Antimicrobial Coating, Antimicrobial Biomaterials, and possibly Next Generation Antimicrobial Drug.

Order your plant based ESTA products for your protection and guard. 

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