The recently launched ESTA prepares for Festive with Bundles

The recently launched ESTA prepares for Festive with Bundles
ESTA, the latest brand in town to have pocket friendly plant based hand sanitizers that is non-toxic and gentle with a refreshing scent and no harsh chemicals.  ESTA Hand Sanitizers have long lasting 24 hours continuous protection with its active ingredient “UltraBactech” and are reliable as this patented technology UltraBactech kills 99.999% viruses, bacteria and germs, with high efficacy validated by international testing agencies. ESTA products are marked as a clean label that is eco-friendly and sustainable.

On top of this the ESTA’s pocket friendly and stylish Hand Sanitizers, make effective and attractive gifts, for those on remote and need something sleek to fit into their bags, packs and pockets, and with refillable cases base on seasonal limited-edition collections. Customers could embrace ESTA Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas with deals at their e-store and at Lazada and Shopee for their purchase.  
Do also look out for Christmas promos and “ESTA Christmas Nature Guard Box - Let Nature be your Guard”, that also features ESTA’s new product exclusively: ESTA Foaming Hand Soap.

As most gear up for the Festivities ahead, e-shopping has been a staple and with the Covid-19 pandemic, masks and sanitizers are crucial for daily personal protection. Likewise for cleaning liquids and disinfectants for the house and business spaces to industrial units.   Having launched the UltraMask and being highly popular after being selected for national distribution, ESTA Technology pocket friendly designs of hand sanitizers are an attraction with Lunar New Year limited edition collection sold out, and therefore the white and black trendy designs are a must buy for the Christmas season for gifts to protect your loved ones. And most certainly, the new ESTA Foaming Hand Soap.

ESTA develops reliable products for the community by blending nature and science.
ULTRABactech™ by ESTA incorporates their plant derived antimicrobial into different personal protection products, such as sanitizers and now soaps and more. ESTA products are reliable and strongly backed by science for its efficacy by international testing agencies and they are Intertek branch in Singapore, CET Scientific and Element USA.

What is unique is that ESTA Technology has innovated and with the UltraBactech that was launched in May 2021, the scientific technology has provided for ESTA hand sanitizer to be non-toxic and natural, with long lasting continuous protection for 24 hours, and its rapid action is proven to be able to kill 99.999% microbes within seconds of exposure. And if one is cleaning with one application and surface left untouched, ESTA’s UltraBactech lasts up to 90 days on surfaces. It is proven and tested on surfaces like wood, plastic, metals, leather, fabric, and silicon.

What is likeable is the pocket-friendly customizable bottle is available for corporates and businesses looking to have hand sanitizer bottles as gifts with customization allowed to tailor to their needs, they make ideal appreciation gifts to Festive gifts.

ESTA's Benefits
1.Kills 99.999% microbes in seconds
2.Continuous Protection
Up to 24 hours (Pocket Hand Sanitiser)
For up to 90 days if left untouched. (Air & Surface Hand Sanitiser).
3. Plant based
Natural Protection
4. Non-toxic
0% harsh chemicals such as Methanol and Acetaldehyde
5. Moisturising
Contains natural Aloe Vera
6. Refreshing
Zesty citrus scent


ESTA Price range:


ESTA 15ml Hand Sanitizer at $12.90

ESTA Multi-purpose Air & Surface Disinfectant (300ml) at $17.90

Order your plant based ESTA products for your protection and guard this Festive Season.

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