ESTA Lunar New Year with UltraBactech, proven to target and kill 99.999% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, presents the new Spring collection design and gift sets

ESTA Lunar New Year with UltraBactech, proven to target and kill 99.999% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, presents the new Spring collection design and gift sets

ESTA Technology Pte Ltd is  the first company in Singapore, to design Plant Base hand sanitisers , hand soaps to surface disinfectants  for the family. This Lunar New Year, be with ESTA “CNY Nature Guard Box” and “CNY VTL Travel Pouch” to bring joy, prosperity, and good health to your loved ones and friends.


ESTA Sanitisers to the new ESTA Foaming Hand Soap, are available in the CNY Nature Guard Box and VTL Travel Packs. Now we have introduced limited edition of the  CNY Pocket Hand Sanitiser Collection featuring the beautiful Crane design and the Porcelain design.

ESTA‘s natural plant based hand sanitiser with the refreshing scent of Yuzu ushers in the Year of the Tiger Chinese New Year 2022, with certified efficacy to kill 99.999% of SARS-CoV-2 Covid-19 virus.  This ESTA’s collectable design of the Porcelain Pocket Hand Sanitiser was sold out previously and is now back due to popular demand . The new collection  comes  with a  Lunar New Year Crane Collection design, in pink and blue, making the “ESTA Yuan Yang  Gift Set”  an  attractive gift for your friends and family.

During the Lunar New Year season, as we extend wishes and blessings to stay safe, gifting with ESTA Pocket Hand Sanitisers with Yuzu citrus scent to ESTA CNY Nature Guard Boxes, will  bring good wishes for their health and safety. With a bottle of ESTA Hand Sanitiser at home, visitors from family members and loved ones to friends, could use the ESTA Hand Sanitisers before enjoying the Lunar New Year Prosperity meals and catch up over long conversations.  Gifting with the ESTA CNY collection, the Pocket Hand Sanitisers make wonderful keepsakes and is a trendy Lunar New Year collectable, that many would hope to receive during the visits.

ESTA Prosperity Travel Pack Pouch B

As we offer Lunar New Year gifts from pineapple tarts to abalones to our business clienteles, perhaps it is ideal to look at the ESTA’s  wonderful and stylishly designed Pocket Hand sanitisers with the Porcelain and Crane designs, CNY Nature Guard Box to CNY VTL Travel Pouch. ESTA hand sanitisers are  environmentally friendly , thus  giving them as gifts will surely impress because it extends the abundance of prosperity blessings to your  friends and loved ones 

With the heavy feasting and  eating during the Lunar New Year, many of you may experience some weight gain . Fret not. Time for some gym exercises or running in the park . Do bring the 20 ml card size ESTA hand sanitiser which is attractively designed as a convenient to carry around hand sanitiser. Do stay hygienic and refresh after your exercise .

ESTA products are proudly designed, developed, and made in Singapore.

ESTA Hand Sanitisers, Air & Surface Sanitisers to now the new ESTA Foaming Hand Soap (launched in November 2021), are plant based and derived from natural botanicals, non-toxic, and with long lasting 24 hours continuous protection, with its key active antimicrobial agent “UltraBactech”.  For the ESTA Air and Surface Sanitiser, if left untouched, the efficiency in killing of the microbes will last up to 90 days.   

ESTA Hand Sanitizers are Eco-Friendly and use a twist and spray refillable bottle. ESTA Hand Sanitizer is also multi-purpose and can be used to disinfect products that are commonly used with high touchpoints such as handphones, wallets, keyboards, bags and on materials such as plastic, metals, leather, fabric, silicon and wood.

In preparation for the Lunar New Year season, to spring clean the  house, ESTA Air & Surface Sanitiser is the ideal choice to clean and disinfect your  house  from Covid-19 SARS-CoV-2  with speed and efficiency , leaving the house smelling fresh and clean.

ESTA Foaming Hand Soap

During this Lunar New Year, your guests will be delighted to try ESTA Foaming Hand Soap (350ml) that is a non-toxic and eco-friendly, with  the  ability to kill 99.999% of the SARS-CoV-2 Covid-19 virus, moulds, fungi, bacteria and germs. Formulated with non-toxic ingredients that do not contain methanol, paraben, sulphates, chlorine and therefore marked as a clean label brand.

ESTA Foaming Hand Soap  contains Natural Aloe Vera and Zesty Citrus Yuzu.  When one cleans the hands, the refreshing scent is pleasing to the guest as it relaxes them, and leaves the hands feeling smooth. ESTA Foaming Hand Soap is also available for customisations by Corporates.

   CNY Special Yuan Yang Pack  

CNY Special Yuan Yang Pack - 15ml CNY Hand Sanitiser Twin (Special Price at $20.80, Usual Price at $25.80)

Yuan Yang CNY Hand Sanitiser Twin Prosperity Travel Pack -  Pouch A includes:

 2 pcs of 15ml Design pocket hand sanitisers , in pink crane and blue porcelain design. This is packed in a small gold pouch , making it a perfect and simple gift for this CNY.

Yuan Yang CNY Hand Sanitiser Twin Prosperity Travel Pack Pouch B

Make CNY Gift Pack Wholesome with ESTA’s add-on 200ml Hand Sanitiser Refill Bag.

Yuan Yang CNY Hand Sanitiser Twin Prosperity Travel Pack Pouch B (Price at $38.80), includes the ESTA 200ml Hand Sanitiser Refill Bag.


 CNY Nature Guard Box Set A

CNY Nature Guard Box (Price at $68.80)

This CNY Nature Guard Box contains a mini version of all ESTA products specially made to protect you and your loved ones anytime and anywhere.

CNY Nature Guard BOX A Prosperity Family Gift Set contains:

  1. 2pcs of 20ml Non-refillable Card Sized Hand Sanitiser 
  2. 15ml Porcelain Design Pocket Hand Sanitiser AND 15ml Crane Design Pocket Hand Sanitiser
  3. 80ml Mini Air & Surface Disinfectant
  4. 50ml Mini Foaming Hand Soap
  5. 200ml Hand Sanitiser Refill Bag
  6. 200ml Air & Surface Disinfectant Refill Bag

 CNY Nature Guard BOX B Prosperity Family Gift Set

CNY Nature Guard BOX B Prosperity Family Gift Set (Price at $38.80) contains:

  1. 20ml Non-refillable Card Sized Hand Sanitiser
  2. 15ml Porcelain Design Pocket Hand Sanitiser OR 15ml Crane Design Pocket Hand Sanitiser
  3. 80ml Mini Air & Surface Disinfectant
  4. 50ml Mini Foaming Hand Soap


ESTA products are sustainable because ESTA’s clean label extraction technology transforms

botanical sources into natural antimicrobial agents with no toxic waste released into the environment combining Natural Botanicals and Food By-products.  ESTA Sustainable Sourcing and responsible procurement is such that ESTA Technology sources for raw materials carefully to reduce wastage and to purchase from companies with ethical practices.   ESTA Technology aims to achieve a closed loop manufacturing by transforming food by-products into useful antimicrobial agents.            


ESTA Price range:       

ESTA 15ml Pocket Hand Sanitizer at $12.90

ESTA 300ml Multi-purpose Air & Surface Disinfectant at $17.90

ESTA 350ml Foaming Hand Soap at $12.90


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About ESTA

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has caught the world by surprise and taught us to be humble and to be  prepared for potential biomedical threats. These threats may surface at any time but can be prevented or controlled before it becomes a pandemic if everyone in the community does their own part by practicing good personal hygiene in their daily routines.

As such, ESTA Technology Pte Ltd is founded in 2020 to explore nature for solutions to these threats and develop downstream products that can protect and benefit the well-being of our community, locally and globally.

Environmentally Friendly




ESTA’s ethos - leading and advancing antimicrobial science research with focus on natural antimicrobial compounds; to reinvent protection as a second nature; and to redesign natural antimicrobial products for the community using modern science.

ESTA develops reliable products for the community by blending nature and science.


ESTA designs and develops products with the community in mind. ESTA conducts market research to identify and analyse the problems of products in the market and create innovative solutions.


ESTA products are strongly backed by science for its efficacy by international testing agencies.