Artists - Magda Knap

 Late Bloomer - Magda Knap

Magda Knap is a Dutch female artist, who has been producing painting since the sixties, running expositions in Amsterdam, Gouda and many other Dutch cities in various museums.

All painting are oil paintings, painted on canvas.

Her paintings contain stories taking place in unnatural landscapes with trees carrying thousands of leaves, flowers, butterflies and fishes.

If there are people present, they hide in the landscapes. And where faces surface, they freeze into masks. This is how Magda translates her thoughts and emotions.

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the Memory stays - Magda Knap


Sizes & Technique

Sizes are stated with the picture of the paintings.

Technique is Oil Paint on canvas (thick linen), just as the old masters of Holland have painted as well.


Framing of the paintings:

Paintings are shipped without frame. Framing is to be done in Singapore. Depending on requirements (for example museum glass, types of frames, etc), additional cost for framing ranges between 499 and 5.000 SGD. Average time to frame the painting is 2 weeks.

Alternatively, buyer may choose to frame him/herself at no additional cost.


Mounting of the paintings:

Upon request, we can arrange mounting of your painting on any wall. Fees are dependent on materials used and time required,



Prices vary between 7.500 and 75.000 SGD, depending on size, technique, year of production, etc. If you find a painting you would like to buy, please send an email to our GM

or call/text +65 8138 6913

to enquire about pricing.

All paintings are now in Holland (The Netherlands), but quoted prices are inclusive of shipping to you doorstep as well as taxes.



Painting are shipped to Singapore using insured art airmail transport. It is first mailed to the re-seller in Singapore who settles all taxes and performs a final quality check.

It then is personally delivered to any address in Singapore.

Shipping cost, taxes, etc are included in the purchasing price.

Average shipping term is 2 weeks.



Payments are accepted as follows:

- Cash 

- Paypal (add 5% Paypal fees)

- Cheque (cheque needs to clear prior to shipping)

- Bank payment to Singapore bank account

- BTC (only if above 9.900 SGD and payment needs to be validated prior to shipping)


Prior to shipping, 50% of the payment needs to be received and cleared (deposit). Upon hand delivery to your doorstep, the remaining 50% is to be paid. If the purchase is cancelled, the deposit is forfeited.


Deposits/hold for sale

As the painting are in Holland, you can't feel/touch the painting prior to buying.

Upon request, you can request additional pictures, allowing you to study the painting in more detail.

If you want to block a painting for sale, while you make up your mind, a 5% blocking fee is charged for every month we hold the painting for you. The painting is only blocked, if payment of said fee has cleared. We can block sale for a maximum period of 3 months.

If you decide to buy, any pre-paid holding fees, will be deducted from the price. If you do not buy the selected painting, any holding fees are forfeited.

 As these painting are actively sold, not all offered in this message may still be available.