Biz Innovator - Joseph Ong

Aspiring entrepreneurs will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel after reading Joseph Ong’s new business/academic book by premier publishing house Write Editions: remote-Entrepreneurship.


This book chronicles the 10-year experimental journey and explains the stunning performance of a real-life business; the One Rochester Group, which Ong started and managed while he was working in a multinational company.


Ong’s objective in writing remote-Entrepreneurship is to help scores of people, and especially aspiring entrepreneurs with successful corporate lives, overcome their fear and dilemma in thinking that they would have to quit their jobs in order to set up an entrepreneurial business to pursue a passion or exploit an innovation that they may have.


Through his book, the Founder and Managing Director of the One Rochester Group documents a ground-breaking approach to entrepreneurship that has never before been so exhaustively examined and sequentially tested. In his easy narrative style, Ong maps out the theories and practices of an approach that in the end makes him a living proof that you don’t have to leave your current job to start a successful business.


“Using this approach, the r-entrepreneurial business could actually go further and have a higher chance of success than it would if the entrepreneur had quit his job and jump right in,” said Ong. “In my book, I show why and how the traditional heroic form of entrepreneurship contributed towards many entrepreneurial failures. The One Rochester Group is a living case study of why r-entrepreneurship and c-leadership works.”


Being an entrepreneur running three startups concurrently, Joseph's book

resonates a lot with me. His remote-Entrepreneurship methodology and

collective-management concept will certainly motivate a lot of corporate

executives to make that final decision to join the entrepreneur bandwagon”

Eddie Chau, Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

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