Olive and Latte Shopper - Ms Meranda

We have curated from Ms Meranda, expat family and all the items that they will shop from their expat base (or holiday getaways), which is currently now in Thailand. She has a host of items and stories on the Shopper-Travel purchase, that will make wonderful gifts and keepsakes. 

Ms Meranda has been a trailing expat wife for more than 13 years, having stayed in China and currently living in Thailand. She's a happy mother of two and loves getting hands on in crafty activities with her daughter who loves to draw. She is into wire-weaved jewelry making and has conducted workshops to her expat friends. 
Currently staying in a buzzling Bangkok city, she is amazed and inspired by the artists . She in always on the lookout for interesting jewellery pieces and adorable bags for her little girl
Please find here for Meranda's curated products:
Some of Ms Meranda's highlights for the month! Does not link to any site. 
Ms Meranda and family miss some local food in Singapore, we must meet at ZamZam soon! http://zamzamsingapore.com/