Jia He Grand: An Ideal Wedding Location

Jia He Grand Weddings

Jia He’s dedicated team goes above and beyond to create romantic wedding experiences, the Jia He Grand team assists couples in selecting the perfect wedding gifts and work closely with them to design elegant table setups, captivating decorations ensuring every detail is meticulously crafted to perfection.
Jia He Grand’s expert culinary team creates each dish with harmony in mind offering a well-balanced gastronomic experience, that excites the palette and celebrates the artistry of Chinese cuisine at Jia He Grand.
Jia He understands that the little things matter when it comes to creating the ideal wedding experience. That's why at Jia He Grand, they offer bespoke cocktail corners ideally spaced, for guests to chat and mingle in a beautiful environment, the team also works with couples to create a lovely atmosphere for their solemnization ceremony, ensuring that the occasion is truly unforgettable.
The pillarless and high ceiling design provides a versatile canvas to transform the guests’ wedding into a magnificent work of art, the stylish space is adorned with sophisticated modern classic hues creating an ambiance of grandeur and luxury as the wedding couples’ make their grand entrance and walk down the beautiful aisle. The magnificent stage decoration and stunning floral arrangements will transport the guests into a world of romantic bliss.
Jia He Grand is conveniently nestled on the lobby level of One Farrer Hotel located near the Farrer Park MRT Station, easily accessible making it the perfect venue for the wedding couples’ special occasion. Jia He Grand Chinese restaurant offers a spacious venue that can cater to a Wedding Banquet of up to 22 tables of 10 persons each or up to 230 guests for other special occasions with the renowned cuisine, attention to detail and elegant ambiance.
Jia He Grand is confident that the couples’ wedding at the restaurant will be a remarkable and an unforgettable experience. Discover the marvelous wedding experience that awaits guests at Jia He Grand, contact Jia He today to start planning the dream celebration.
Jia He Grand @ One Farrer Hotel 嘉和Grand For Reservations, please contact 6538 4788 / 6538 9688 / 6538 2788 Mobile for Weddings enquiries at 9170 2682 Email : jiahegrand@jiahe.com.sg Address: One Farrer Hotel, Level 1 1 Farrer Park Station Rd, Singapore 217562
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