Jia He Invites You to a Gastronomic Celebration for the Year of the Dragon

Jia He Restaurant CNY 2024

Enter the auspicious Year of the Dragon with Jia He Chinese Restaurant and its sister establishment, Jia He Grand, unveiling a captivating array of culinary offerings and an extensive selection of menus for the Lunar New Year festivities, presented in all their splendour.
From 21 January 2024 to 24 February 2024, both establishments will captivate guests with a rich tapestry of Chinese cuisine, featuring Cantonese classics alongside innovative hand-crafted dishes throughout the 35-day Lunar New Year celebration. Guests are warmly invited to relish the sublime culinary artistry presented in meticulously curated menus tailored for families, friends, and business associates.
As a prelude to the festivities, guests are invited to initiate bookings for their Goodies and Takeaway Set Menus from 26 December 2023, with delivery and self-collection options available from January 2024.
Anticipate a sumptuous spread of Lunar New Year Chinese cuisine delicacies symbolising prosperity, abundance, and wealth. Both Jia He Chinese Restaurant and Jia He Grand will remain open throughout the festive period, offering dine-in experiences, thoughtfully curated takeaway set menus for self-collection or deliveries, and a selection of festive goodies available for online purchase at shop.jiahe.com.sg for your convenience.
The distinctive menus at Jia He Chinese Restaurant and

Jia He Grand promise a memorable dining experience, inviting guests to savour a diverse array of flavours and textures that capture the essence of the Lunar New Year. Delight in offerings ranging from Smoked Salmon with Edible Flower and Jackfruit Yusheng to the opulent Jia He Premium Abalone Pen Cai, and from the succulent Roasted Golden Suckling Pig to the flavourful Roasted London Duck. Complementing these delectable choices are freshly baked gifts, including Almond Florentine and Plum Blossoms Pineapple Tarts, adding an extra touch of sweetness to the festive celebration.
 Jia He Yu Sheng
For those who prefer securing their reservations in advance, Jia He Grand offers exclusive Lunar New Year Set Menus that cater to various preferences and group sizes. The set menus range from $1188++ (Set Menu A) to $1688++ (Set Menu C) for 10 persons, with a lunch option available at $988++ for 10 persons.
Jia He Chinese Restaurant offers distinctive Lunar New Year Set Menus ranging from $1088++ (Set Menu A) to $1588++ (Set Menu C) for 10 persons, with a lunch alternative priced at $888++ for 10 persons.
Both Jia He Grand and Jia He Chinese Restaurant extend the celebration with Lunar New Year à la carte options and specially curated dim sum menus, ensuring a delightful and diverse dining experience for all patrons.

New signature dishes at Jia He include:

Jia He Chinese New Year 2024
1. 原只龙虾红酒龙眼三文鱼捞生
Prosperity Whole Lobster and Salmon Yu Sheng with Red 
Wine infused Longan
2. 百财蒸红斑
Steamed Red Grouper with Kam Hua Ham and Tien Shin 
Cabbage in Superior Chicken Essence
3. 酿羊肚菌火腿蒸鲈鱼扒
Steamed Fillet of Sea Perch with Stuffed Morel 
Mushroom and Hunan Ham
4. 红烧三头鲍鱼鹅掌翠玉环
Braised 3-Head 
Abalone with Hairy Gourd and Goose Web
5. 椰盅燕液桃膠燉蛋白
Double-boiled Birds Nest with Egg White and Peach Resin in 
Young Coconut
6. 椰汁马蹄糕
Chilled Water Chestnut Pudding with Coconut Milk
Go on a gastronomic CNY journey with Jia He Exquisite Star Menu at $2688++ for 10 persons. Reservations required for the menu:

Jia He


Jia He Prosperity Five Auspicious Blessings "Yu Sheng”

The key 5 ingredients with Auspicious Blessings are Fish Maw, Sliced Roast Duck, Shredded Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Salmon and with Bell peppers, Julienne of Radish, salads and special sauce.


Double-boiled Buddha Jump Over the Wall with Red Ginseng


Steamed Australia Lobster with Sea Urchin in Egg White and Chinese Wine


Poached Sliced Spotted Garoupa with Wild Mushroom and Superior Lobster Soup


Roasted Suckling Pig with Australia 3 Head Abalone, Fried Rice with Yam and Sakura Shrimp



Daifuku filled with Mandarin Orange and Cream Served with Bird's Nest-Ginseng Xiao Long Bao

Jia He Chinese Restaurant and Jia He Grand are conveniently located near Farrer Park MRT, with Jia He Chinese Restaurant situated next to Farrer Park Station Exit C and Jia He Grand located within One Farrer Hotel. Guests are encouraged to make reservations and pre-orders in advance to enjoy a hassle-free dining experience with Jia He.

Jia He Chinese Restaurant @ Connexion
For Reservations, please contact 6694 8988 / 6694 9466
Email: enquiries@jiahe.com.sg
1 Farrer Park Station Road, #01-14/15/16 Connexion, Singapore 217562

Jia He Grand @ One Farrer Hotel
For Reservations, please contact 6538 9688 / 6538 2788
Email: jiahegrand@jiahe.com.sg
One Farrer Hotel, Level 1
1 Farrer Park Station Rd, Singapore 217562

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