ESTA with the patented formula UltraBactech, is certified to effectively target and kill 99.999% of the SARS-CoV-2 Covid-19 virus

ESTA Hand Sanitiser , ESTA Sanitizer and ESTA Foaming Hand Soap

ESTA, the sustainable and plant based brand of sanitisers and known for the collection edition design pocket hand sanitisers, has just brought to the stores, ESTA Foaming Hand Soap. With efficacy to kill 99.999% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, ESTA has now developed a full sanitiser kit for one’s protection against Covid-19.

ESTA Technology is pleased to have received the latest test results from an accredited testing agency in the United States

On top of this, ESTA Technology is pleased to have received the latest test results from an accredited testing agency in the United States, that certifies that ULTRABactech, the antimicrobial technology incorporated into ESTA products, can effectively target and kill 99.999% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus within minutes.

ESTA products are proudly designed, developed and made in Singapore.

ESTA Hand Sanitisers, Air & Surface Sanitisers to now the new ESTA Foaming Hand Soap, is non-toxic with long lasting 24 hours continuous protection with its key active ingredient “UltraBactech”. 

ESTA Foaming Hand Soap (350ml) is formulated with the patented ULTRABactech, and is proven to have the 99.999% killing efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 Virus and other types of viruses, bacteria, germs, fungi and mould.

It is formulated with non-toxic ingredients and therefore marked as a clean label. ESTA Foaming Hand Soap is suitable for usage at malls, clinics, childcare centres, homes, fitness gyms,  office work spaces and high touch points areas.

ESTA Hand Sanitizers, ESTA Air & Surface Sanitisers and ESTA Foaming Hand Soap

ESTA Technology has an ability for blending  and combining nature and science.  ULTRABactech™ by ESTA incorporates their plant derived antimicrobial morphing into a product range that started with only UltraMask and Sanitisers in May 2021 and now extending its product line. ESTA products are reliable and strongly backed by science for its efficacy by international testing agencies.   It is proven and tested on surfaces like wood, plastic, metals, leather, fabric, and silicon.

These are the qualities:

  • Derived from natural botanicals
  • Clean label extraction process
  • Potent antimicrobial potency
  • Superior biocompatibility
  • Eco-friendly
  • Excellent processibility

ESTA production capabilities, quality and consistency

ESTA’s first research & pilot production facility is well equipped to support work in various domains including chemical production, material engineering, microbiology and mammalian tissue culture. ESTA’s R&D team is led by Dr. Lim Kaiyang, ESTA Technology Chief Scientific Officer.

Research and Testing to Quality Control had let to ensure ESTA Technology to solve the Key Buying Factors of Customers, to provide effective solutions.  ESTA Technology has developed through research and innovation, that ESTA products has the qualities and benefits such as Efficacy, Smell, Packaging to Price and Convenience of Usage and Storage when designing and producing ESTA.

ESTA Quality Standards and Control are consistently met.  ESTA partners with external quality auditors to perform stringent quality checks, ensuring high quality products and batch-to-batch consistency. ESTA Technology manufacturing processes adheres to GMP guidelines under ISO 22716 certification.

ESTA products are sustainable because ESTA’s clean label extraction technology transforms

botanical sources into natural antimicrobial agents with no toxic waste released into the environment combining Natural Botanicals and Food By-products.  ESTA Sustainable Sourcing is such that ESTA Technology sources for raw materials carefully to reduce wastage and unethical practices.   ESTA Technology aims to achieve a closed loop manufacturing by transforming food by-products into useful antimicrobial agents.     


ESTA VTL Travel Packs have been packaged for customers who are travelling for the much-needed holiday and a protective guard as a sanitiser. ESTA Travel Packs make an ideal corporate gift at the same time.


ESTA Industrial Sanitizer & Disinfectant is proven to have high antimicrobial potency

against a broad spectrum of virus such as Covid-19 SARS-CoV-2, bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds. The cost savings received  has proven to have sustained antimicrobial protection for up to 24 hours, and 90-days on surfaces upon application and left untouched. The reduced usage rates will turn to cost savings for businesses.


The 1 litre and 5 litre Carboy refills are now available for ESTA Foaming Hand Soap and ESTA Sanitisers.  


ESTA products are plant base, safe and non-toxic and free from harsh or harmful chemicals such a methanol, paraben, sulphate,  chlorine, thus being eco-friendly for usage by staff and operations. There is also the Fragrance Free option available.  The Multi-purpose nature of the ESTA Industrial Sanitiser and Disinfectant makes it effective on both soft and hard surfaces. Thus, being the single solution needed for usage by staff and customers, and for cleaning. 


ESTA Technology business journey is into Personal Protection Products and have achieved this with ESTA Hand Sanitiser, Air & Surface Disinfectant and Sanitisers, Foaming Hand Soap, Ultra Masks, Textiles and more.


The Biomedical expertise is reflected in ESTA’s Antimicrobial Coating, Antimicrobial Biomaterials,and possibly Next Generation Antimicrobial Drug.


Food and Agriculture is what ESTA is branching out to such as Food preservation, Organic Pesticides, AntiBacterial Additives for Animal Feeds and more.


ESTA’s Bottle and Brand customizations are available for both Industrial usage and Corporate gifts.

Felicia Gan, Ceo, ESTA Technology and Ghim Li Global

Ms. Felicia Gan, CEO of ESTA Technology and Ghim Li, says, “It is crucial to Let Nature be Your Guard with our plant based, non-toxic and eco-friendly products that can offer 24hrs continuous protection.  We are excited to be one of the first plant based biotech in Singapore to be certified 99.999% effective against Covid 19 virus.

 Dr. Lim Kaiyang, CSO of ESTA Technology

Dr. Lim Kaiyang, CSO of ESTA Technology says, “ULTRABactech is one of the first natural antimicrobials to demonstrate proven efficacy against the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2). Testing by accredited international testing agency showed that ULTRABactech can effectively target and kill 99.999% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus within minutes of exposure. Its natural origin, coupled with its potent antimicrobial functionalities and excellent processibility, ULTRABactech and its product is a safe and effective protection for the community against the threat of microbes.

ULTRABactech is also highly stable, being able to impart prolonged and stable antimicrobial protection. For example, the ES-TA hand sanitizer has been shown to provide sustained antimicrobial protection to the users for up to 24 hours upon initial application."

Order your plant based ESTA products for your protection and guard.

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About ESTA

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has caught the world by surprise and taught us to be humble and to be  prepared for potential biomedical threats. These threats may surface at any time but can be prevented or controlled before it becomes a pandemic if everyone in the community does their own part by practicing good personal hygiene in their daily routines.

As such, ESTA Technology Pte Ltd is founded in 2020 to explore nature for solutions to these threats and develop downstream products that can protect and benefit the well-being of our community, locally and globally.

Environmentally Friendly




Our ethos - leading and advancing antimicrobial science research with focus on natural antimicrobial compounds; to reinvent protection as a second nature; and to redesign natural antimicrobial products for the community using modern science.