Arts@Metta and Metta Café


"We nurture and support our members to become artisans skilled in unique craftswork. Under the guidance of professional instructors, our artists have created a distinctive lifestyle label that boasts a quality collection of batik accessories and elegant pottery pieces."

Turning personalised gift ideas into attractive lifestyle items through quality design and production, they help businesses align their corporate branding with a social purpose based on your proposed budget.

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Metta Café

Initiated by Metta Welfare Association, Metta Café (慈光聚缘轩) was established in 2014 to provide F&B vocational training for Metta School graduates aged 18 and above, with mild intellectual disability and/or autism. Their mission is to provide an avenue for these youths to acquire vocational, work and life skills through their comprehensive training and development programmes and to create employment opportunities to help them achieve economic independence, self reliance and build confidence.

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