Arts @ Metta

Arts @ Metta

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Initiated by the Metta Welfare Association in 2007, Arts@Metta aims to equip special needs youths with life skills that promote integration, independence and employment.

Our mission is to provide equal access to enriching artistic endeavours for these youths, while creating related training-cum-employment opportunities under a sustainable framework.

The key thrusts are:

  • To cultivate the artistic talents of youths with special needs
  • To provide a safe, open and nurturing environment where their talents can thrive
  • To implement effective training programmes and support services that benefit their holistic development
  • To develop a sustainable model of supported employment for these youths

Visual arts classes are held on weekdays from 10 am to 3 pm in an arts studio located within the Metta Building. Our programmes enable the youths to continue their mastery of visual arts – namely batik painting and pottery – in a creative and inclusive environment, paving avenues for self-expression and personal development.

In the process, they learn to uphold proper decorum and assimilate concepts such as service attitude, work quality, punctuality, task completion, handling of job load and time management.

We provide a safety net for them who are unable to seek open employment by leveraging on commissioned projects and retail sales to help fund supported employment, thereby empowering them with hope and dignity.

Support Services Available:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Counselling
  • Soft skills training
  • Social programmes


We nurture and support our members to become artisans skilled in unique craftswork. Under the guidance of professional instructors, our artists have created a distinctive lifestyle label that boasts a quality collection of batik accessories and elegant pottery pieces.

Their flourishing artistry has gained recognition from corporate partners the likes of UOB Private Banking, Singapore Pools, Raffles Town Club and General Insurance Association.

All artworks are exquisitely handmade, bearing individual artist’s creative imprint. We also provide customisation of artwork designs for individual and corporate clients.

Turning personalised gift ideas into attractive lifestyle items through quality design and production, we help businesses align their corporate branding with a social purpose.