🎄Metta Cafe Christmas Collection 2020 🎄

🎄Metta Cafe Christmas Collection 2020 🎄
❤ Christmas is always a festive season filled with warmth. From festive log cakes, to Christmas-themed cupcakes and a wide selection of freshly-baked eggless Christmas cookies - Metta Cafe bakes are great as gifts and perfect for celebrations.
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☃️ Xmas Baking Workshops
Celebrate this Christmas by creating your own logcakes or cupcakes for your loved ones!
🥰 As we all gear up to shop for Christmas gifts, let's also spare a thought for those in need and make a charity donation in solidarity to support Metta Cafe F&B training for Metta School alumni youths with special needs.
Your donation will also be matched by Tote Board's Enhanced Fund-Raising (EFR) Programme.