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Chef Heman Chef Heman - Chief Operating Officer - Iron Man Dine / Iron Man Chef | LinkedIn

Chef Heman Tan is the  

Co - Business Owner / COO at Iron Man Dine Concept

Having accumulated more than 35 years of culinary experience, Chef Heman Tan is a man of many talents. With his passion for being a competitive triathlete, he is also a celebrated ceramist with works that has been displayed at the Singapore Sculpture Square and The Arts House. Not to mentioned, he is the last student of Late Dr Ng Eng Teng, Singapore’s prominent sculptor.


From his early days working as an R&D chef at Prima Foods, one of the leading producers of pre-mixed pastes, Chef Heman Tan has also done his rounds in the catering industry responsible for contributing tremendously when he was with ISS Catering (Singapore) and JR Foodstuff industries.


Chef Heman Tan is a member of an International Association of Gastronomy; Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, Sabre d'Or Singapore and the Certified Judge of World Association of Chefs’ Societies, He is also an Ex- Executive Committee member of the Singapore Chef’s Association and had headed the Social Activities & Sports Committee, Memberships & Ex-Treasurer of the Association.


To say nothing of, Chef Heman Tan was conferred the Honorary Doctor Of Philosophy by Kutztown Business University of Pennsylvania & IBF University. (PhD).


He was also interviewed by the Sunday Times for an article “It Changes My Life” & Awarded Gold on SG 50 Most Inspired & Touching life story by LianHe Zao Bao.  Most recently, he is conferred the May Day Partnership award as recognition for his effort and partnership with E2I in providing training and improving productivity & 5 Dec 2019 the finalist of President’s Challenge Social Enterprise Awards (PCSEA) 2019.


He is with amassed experience in culinary challenges, Chef Heman Tan has led the National Team in Thailand’s International Culinary Cup 2010 (TICC 2010) competition and the Penang Culinary Challenge; to which they attained the title of Champion both times. With his accomplishment, Chef Heman Tan further led his role as team captain and manager in 2014 FHA National Gourmet Team Challenge and Pattaya Culinary Challenge 2013, whom won his team a Silver and National Team Gold Medal respectively.