Sharon Vu

Sharon is working closely with the Collective of artists, shoppers and biz innovators to bring the best of their collection on this page for you to know the stories behind the products and experiences for your keepsakes and purchase.

We have Adeline Quek, an avid shopper currently working in Singapore and flies frequently to Bali and Indonesia and travels being in hospitality. She will share her Shopper-Travel interest and shopping accessories via Olive and Latte.

On board with us as Biz Innovators are Joseph Ong, Tan Chin Kar from Write Editions, Markus Flamman and more.

We have curated from “:-}”, expat family and all the items that they will shop from their expat base (or holiday getaways), which is currently now in Thailand. She has a host of items and stories on the Shopper-Travel purchase, that will make wonderful gifts and keepsakes. (soon)

On board and soon with us is also “Shanghai Expat Guy”, and therefore he is delighted to assist in the Shopper-Travel aspect to bring to this page and share with his expat friends in Asia, Shanghai and China. This is his hobby aside from his passion and drive for his role in the corporate world, though shy to be featured on Olive and Latte. (soon)

Meanwhile will be uploading my personal shopper finds collection here. (soon!)

Sharon Vu’s Collection

Aqua Earrings


Amethyst Stone Necklace