Adeline Quek

An avid globetrotter and fashionista, Ms. Adeline Quek, who manages resorts and hotels in Bali, is a trend watcher and loves all things beautiful and quaint.

I am more of a classic, sophisticated and trendy dresser and shopper, who believes in timeless elegance and style. While I follow trends but not entirely, as I believe in the practical side of fashion.

I usually shop when I am travelling and also on some online shopping portals like Net a Porter, ASOS, Matches Fashion, Harvey Nichols etc.
I tend to look for unique designs, home grown designers and gems or items which are unusual. I am selective in what I buy and collect in my wardrobe as I believe every piece must have good mileage. I dont buy on impulse but shop with an objective – to complement my style and lifestyle .

I spent quite a lot of time on my resorts in Bali as well as exploring Asia- hence my resort wear is comfortable, breezy and unique. I am into hats, sunglasses and fashionable accessories when I am travelling. I keep a healthy diet as much as possible, as Life is all about Balance. I tend to have more greens, proteins and tonic soups in my daily life and have enough rest to start each day fresh and vibrant.

I hope you enjoy some of the pieces I select here for novelty and casual chic.

Adeline Quek’s Collection

Shell Bracelet


Intricate Beaded Bracelet


Beaded Bracelet